First Day

Well the first day has been survived–barely… 

 It was a very long day full of a lot of waiting, starvation, and exhaustion, but, I didn’t pass out on the trains and I finally got some sleep after I got back! So woohoo! 

 The flight was looooooong, but pretty nice. No one in my row showed up so I had plenty of room to lay down and move around, even though I still couldn’t sleep on the plane. Customs and immigration went by pretty quick and I lucked out and managed to get my suitcases sent for cheap (which also means i didn’t have to lug them up three flights of stairs once I got here :Db ) 

 I met with my company for the first time yesterday. They were really nice and pretty darn helpful finally, so that was a nice change and made me feel a lot better about everything. I won’t know my placement until the night of the 21st, which I’m not thrilled about, but oh well. Shoganai. 

 I did manage to get a cellphone yesterday, after having to pay Softbank ridiculous amounts of money and sitting at Bic Camera for 3 hours….I went with docomo this time, because i’m not dealing with Softbank’s issues again :\ They can bite me. The phone I got is an Eluga. It’s got a 5 inch HD screen and a 13.2 megapixel camera. It also charges wirelessly, which is pretty darn cool, I gotta say. It’s also got wifi tethering so i can actually use my tablet and such again. If I can motivate myself to get up and see what the number is before I finish this entry(written at 6am), I’ll tell everyone what it is. 

For those of you not on docomo or still in the US or wherever, I have Line so you can message me or call for free too! 

The username for that is: destined_nomad 

 The plan for today is to go wander around some random animate’s and book offs as well as hopefully stop by my old school and my old dorm to say hello and drop off some gifts. Tonight at 6pm though, I’m going to be in Kita-Sanju to watch the Zettai Kareshi(Absolute Boyfriend) play because it looks amazing! I’m really excited :3 The cast has 3 people I really like in it and it’s based on one of my favorite manga so hopefully it will be worth every yen<3 There are still plenty of tickets if people want to go. I just bought mine yesterday and they're still row 12, so that's pretty darn good. For more info, check out their site:

If anyone wants to go, it’s at Theater 1010 and doors open at 530. Lemme know and I’ll totally meet up with you after or before ^^ There is a talk event after today’s show though, so it won’t get out til a bit later. 

Here is my phone number for those of you on docomo: 080-2092-1232

Hope everyone is having a great day ^^ 


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