Finally an Update

Forgive the slowness, a lot has happened this past month and some odd. Life got crazy and life got hectic. I ended up somewhere that I never thought I’d be. I’ve learned my company leaves a lot to be desired, and I’ve learned that I really love this job. 

I was promised the Kanto Region (the area around Tokyo) when I took the job and even through most of training that’s where I was told I was going to be…then the day for placements came. The next night I was on the bus down to the Kansai Region (the area around Osaka and Kyoto). Don’t get me wrong, I love this region, I always have, but I had a lot of plans and tickets and such for the Kanto area and that’s where I was hoping to be this time around. However, that was not what fate had decided for me. 

So now, I live in Fukuchiyama, Japan, which is located in Kyoto prefecture. I’m 2 hrs from the three major cities down here(Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe), by train and only about an hour and a half from everything by car. One thing that was/is very problematic about where we were placed (there are 6 of us in this town in total) is that we need cars. We’re so far out in the middle of nowhere that cars are necessary to get around and to make it to work on time. 

I was assigned 6 elementary schools, 3 of which are 30 kms away. Until work actually started, I had no idea how I was going to manage all of this. I don’t know the first thing about teaching and my training was all but useless. They spent all of training telling us the things we’re not supposed to do (none of which were terribly helpful). But once I got underway, things have started to make a lot more sense and get a lot easier. There are some classes I don’t  like, most of which are at the biggest school in town, but in general I love all of my kids. They’re wonderful and sweet and have so much energy. 

This past week I have been ridiculously sick with flu like symptoms one day and a cough for the rest of the week. I even got a fever for a day and went to the hospital to get checked out. I finish up the medicine I was given today, and I have yet to see much improvement, but hopefully by next week I’ll actually be able to speak in class. Teaching English without a voice is not an easy task… 

I am still not thrilled with my company, by any means, but I love my town and I love my apartment. The town is beautiful, the people are so insanely nice I don’t know how to handle it half the time(I’m used to the jerks in Tokyo), and the weather is crazy and keeps you on your toes. I don’t like that it gets pricey to go anywhere by train, but I really think I could make a life here. 


I’m also going to try to be much better about updating now that life has settled into a comfortable pace instead of being fast and stressful. 

Sorry for the delay! 

Oh right! 

The Absolute Boyfriend play was fantastic! I ended up pre-ordering the DVD because it was just so much fun and wonderfully done. I was in awe the whole time and it was also amazingly funny. I highly recommend to anyone who likes good funny shoujo manga. 

On the agenda for this weekend and next (It’s Golden Week time 😀 ): 

April 29th: Going to Osaka to see KING in a 2 man live. My first concert since I’ve gotten back to Japan. (I ended up missing the Purple Days last concert and it seems like Venomstrip is gone for good now since they took down their youtube account)

May 4th: Going to Kobe to see Tenimyu Dream Live 2013’s evening show. The special guest is first season’s Saeki Kojirou. I have cruddy seats for all of the DL13 shows, but I don’t care, I’m at least still getting to go. (though I wish I could have gone to the ones in Yokohama where I had great seats and friends to go with…) 

May 5th: Going to Kobe again for both the morning and evening show of DL13. The guests are 5th cast Ryoma for the first show and Kato Kazuki for the second! I have like the last row of seats in the giant hall, but I get to go see Kazuki live so I don’t even care 🙂 Cross another dream off the list! 

I joined the Tenimyu fanclub too so I’m all prepared for new Hyotei-myu. I’m going to get amazing tickets, darn it!

Alright, I think that’s it for now! I’ll update again tomorrow after the concert if my phone isn’t completely dead by then 🙂 


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