Golden Week Pt. 1

Hello all! 

First part of the Golden Week vacation went really well ^^ 

On Monday, I went to Osaka to watch KING 😀 It was a fantastic show and I made lots of new friends, which was really unexpected. The fans in Tokyo were always mean to me. I love Kansai. It was unfortunate to learn that the bassist left the band to go back to his parent’s house and help them out, but the new guy is really good and funny so I still enjoyed it greatly ^^ As long as Ryo (the vocalist) doesn’t leave me then I’ll keep going :3 

Apparently, this year is their 10th anniversary, just like Tenimyu :3 I’m amazed they’ve been playing for 10 years together and are still so small, but I prefer it that way ^^ It’s a lot more fun going to see a small band than a big one. 

Wandering around a big city again was nice, but rather exhausting. I’ve gotten really used to driving everywhere again, because I had to keep stopping to get some rest at coffee shops and such. It’s nice that everything is there though and you only have to walk a little ways to find all sorts of neat things. 

Along my journey, I also managed to find the “Akihabara” of Osaka, which was both fun and creepy. I found a lot of really cool used stores that are going to be amazing once I have some money <.< I'll be able to get all the dvds I'm missing and such for super cheap and goods and everything too. Gonna be a long while before that's possible though :\ 

Found some beautiful scenes and buildings around too. I still haven’t seen much of Osaka since this was only my 3rd time there, ever, but one day I will know it as well as Tokyo! 

On Tuesday, I returned to work. It was a good day full of teaching 6th graders lower case letters…until after school…I went out to play with some of the 3rd grade girls and ended up falling on my face playing a very intense game of tag. I did not see the insanely deep gutters that surround the field in one area because the grass had grown over it, so I stepped in it and fell. I have two rather impressive holes in one hand and some sand buried under the skin, one skinned and bruised knee, and a rather beat up shin, but at least I didn’t break anything! 

On Wednesday, I got to go home 4.5 hrs early, while still getting paid for the full day, so I chalk that one up to a win, even though yet again I had nothing but problems with communicating with the teachers there…At least I only had 2nd graders to teach that day and 2nd graders are just the cutest things in the world. We also had the most stunning sunset…

On Thursday, I had my favorite of the 6 schools and had the best day at work. My principal complimented me and thanked me for how I interact with the students and for always helping out the other teachers and stuff and just looked so happy, I nearly started crying. Right before I left, one of the teachers came up and offered me a big stuffed Chopper doll (from the anime “One Piece”) as a present. I almost started crying again and thanked him profusely in both Japanese and English. 

Isn’t it cute??? 

Today (Friday), I spent most of the day cleaning and getting my apartment live-able again after my week of being sick and this week of being energy-less. It feels so good to have a nice clean and slightly rearranged place~ I even put on real people clothes, even though I didn’t go anywhere~ 

Tomorrow it’s off to Kobe for Musical Prince of Tennis’ Dream Live 2013!! I’ve, of course, been to Tenimyu before, but never a Dream Live and I’ve always wanted to go. I’m going tomorrow and the 5th. I have horrible seats, literally the last row in the giant arena, because I had to get tickets last minute, but oh well. I’m still getting to go!! 😀 I might be meeting up with some other foreign fans there (mostly because I’ll be going up to all the foreigners there like “Hello, please be my friend!” like a creeper), but we’ll see~ I hope so ^^ It would be nice to have some Kansai-ish-area people to talk to. 

Since I’m probably catching the train at a horrible hour of the morning, I’m going to get to bed and try to get some rest. Though, I may be too excited to sleep….hmm…

Stay tuned for Golden Week Pt. 2!! 

(and possibly Pt 3 depending on how excited I get after the shows this weekend!) 


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