Dream Live 2013

So night before last I saw my first Musical Prince of Tennis Dream Live in person. I…well I have so many feelings about it I hardly know what to say. I am however going to put the ranting under a cut so that no one gets any spoilers they didn’t want or anything. Outside of the cut, I’ll just say I’m so glad I was lucky enough to be able to see this. I know it may seem silly to a lot of people, but it really does mean the world to me that I can go see these shows again, especially a dream live. 

I should also mention that the following write up won’t make any sense to anyone that doesn’t know Prince of Tennis. 

Ok! So here it is! The write up that has taken me forever due to too many feelings. It also took me a while to figure out how to write it up since there are three shows worth of info to type up. Sorry if it comes out a bit confusing. 

The first day I went to the evening show after meeting up with Puri_Coffee before and after the afternoon show. 

I sat in O block, on the aisle. It was a lot closer than I thought, due to the new type of stage they were using. I really like it, though it’s hard to follow everyone on it. You’re constantly looking around, but it keeps you from not being able to see people and getting bored. 

The second show was spent in the F block, in the very last row. The people who were meant to sit next to me though never showed up so I had lots of space, it was really nice that way. Pretty much directly across the stadium from this seat was where I sat for the first show, but I was in row 10 instead of 18. 

The third show was spent standing in the L block, once again in the very last row. 

Pretty good view from the last row though, right? 

Ok, so first, let’s talk about the new Seigaku. I really love the new Seigaku. 6th will always be my favorite, but, 7 is already growing on me and I’ve only seen them 3 times. They’re very good at being their characters from what I’ve seen and I look forward to seeing them grow~ Fuji has a ridiculously high pitched girly voice and it’s a nice change. All of the other Fujis sound quite manly compared to this one really. He is also quite skilled at getting scary and freaking out Ryoma. 

During Seigaku’s talk time, he threatens Ryoma when he gets mouthy. In two of the musicals, including senshuraku(the last one), he threatened to spank him then chased him around the stage trying to grab his butt while Ryoma ran away, covering his rear with his racket. In the middle show, he threatened to take Ryoma’s hat. Later, after his solo during Senshuraku he threatened to spank the audience too. Needless to say that was well received. Inui also ranted during the talk time, but it was long and changed every time, so I can’t for the life of me tell you what exactly he was talking about. 

Next up was Rikkai. It was a truly spiritual experience for me to see everyone cheering for my favorite team and to be cheering for them as well, when they could actually hear me (as opposed to cheering at my tv). I love their new songs and the second season Rikkai is just amazing. They made me love Bunta again, which was a very hard task. During their talk time, Bunta and Akaya had an ad-lib part and during the first show Akaya got down on one knee and offered his hand to Bunta. Bunta took it and they did their commentary before turning to Sanada with their hands out and saying “Shall we dance?” in English, the answer was of course “No.” Next show, they grabbed their rackets like guitars and rocked out then turned to Sanada and said “Rock and Roll?” the response was “Yes…that is indeed Rock and Roll, but no.” For the last show, I can’t remember the exact details unfortunately  but it should be on the DVD so never fear, you’ll find out in August! During this time, Renji also went off on a dataman tangent and started talking about a japanese phrase then added “In English, ‘Meeting only once in a lifetime’,” which for me was actually quite helpful 🙂 But it just made all the girls in the audience scream, because he spoke in English. There was also a part where Yukimura told Sanada to start the chant and so he looked to the audience and started the chant “koutei(emperor)”. Yukimura was not pleased and corrected him. Sanada looked quite scared of his captain as he apologized to the audience and said he messed up then started the proper “jyoushou rikkaidai” chant. 

After Rikkai, Hyotei came out to sing, but then left immediately since their talk time came later. What struck me about this is that Atobe’s singing has improved greatly. He was already a good singer, but he seems to be quite comfortable singing at a higher pitch now. It’s really impressive growth(at least to me).

After Hyotei, the order is fuzzy, but I’ll relay what I can. 

Rokkaku was of course, adorable, but didn’t do anything all that extravagant or worth talking about right now really. 

Higa on the other hand…. 
It was my first time hearing the new Higa songs and I have to admit, that I quite enjoyed them. They have a very different feel now than they did. Throughout the whole show, though, they were a lot of fun. Because the shows were in Kansai, they went out of their way to speak to us in Kansai-ben and even did a little skit so that they could use more of it. When it was time for the new “Viking Horn,” they came out with a big pirate ship and full pirate garb. There was even flames shooting out of the stage. Some of the Seigaku members, dressed as sailors came on stage to fight them too. Their ship, of course, sank at the end and Kite decided that they would be swimming back to Okinawa. 

Because this was a Dream Live there were of course many um… extravagant outfits. Here is a list of some of them and a summary of what happened during the songs: 

  • Hitman
    • During Kite’s song “Ore wa koroshiya to yobareru otoko,” all of Higa emerged wearing black mobster like outfits and they even had on fedoras. It was really amazing and it got even better when Tezuka came out dressed in a sleek white version of the mobster outfit. This, of course, ended with Kite screaming “TEZUKAAAAAAA!!!” but Tezuka was already gone, so Kite preceded to run around yelling “TEZUKA!” at random audience members while Chinen and Tanishi apologized to them. After Kite ran off, Chinen and Tanishi realized they were alone on stage and for the first two shows came up with a  little song and for senshuraku they just talked. 
  • Sexy Fan Dance
    • For Fuji and Eiji’s song “Kikumaru VS Fuji ~ Rival na Futari,” a pair from every team came out. 
      • Akaya/Bunta
      • Fuji/Eiji
      • Kai/Rin
      • Gakuto/Jirou
      • Aoi/Saeki
    • They were dressed in spangly outfits like they wore during Dream Live 4th when they sang “Juden kanryo,” but this time they had fans and half turned it into a sexy burlesque dance. There was a lot of hip action and partner switching. I spent the whole first time laughing. I couldn’t help it. For you Jirou/Marui fans out there, there was plenty of it to go around. 
  • Hitori de Doubles
    • Eiji had his new version of the song and the whole time people would come out in Eiji wigs to stand behind him. The three that came out were Oishi, Fuji, then Horio who subsequently got caught by Momo and scolded. 
  • Be Cool
    • When Ryoma came out to sing “Be Cool,” he had on a very shiny bejeweled version of his Seigaku uniform, it came complete with a yellow scarf thing. Half way through the song you find out why. It had a flying rig in it. They strung him up and he flew around, taunting Tanishi as he soared over him. 
  • Hyotei’s Song
    • Hyotei ofo course delivered with fancy white tail coats and yellow vests. They were still wearing shorts with these though so they just looked amusing. 

As over the top some of these outfits were, all of them (except for maybe the fan dance) failed in comparison to the “Patenshii da” outfits which followed in the infamous style set in Dream Live 5th by Masa and Baba. Even the segway to the next song (Hitman) was a throwback to that time. 

Dream Live 5th Version

Masa: If that’s Viking, then this is patenshii! (trickster) 

Dream Live 2013 Version

Kite: If that’s patenshii(trickster), then this is hitman!

The outfits were over the top and had all sorts of odd add-ons, including capes, but what was really fun during the song was the magic tricks. During the trick, a large trunk was rolled out and opened up to show that there was nothing in it. After it was closed again, a bunny ear wearing bunta was shoved inside. It was then wheeled around the stage and opened again. When it was opened, someone different would emerge and say something in the style of the animal ears they were wearing. I heard that during all of the Yokohama shows that it was Jackal as a monkey, but for us it changed. On the 4th, for both shows it was kitty Akaya. On the 5th, the first show had bunny Renji who looked quite confused and for senshuuraku it was a regular, but very disturbed and embarrassed Sanada who rose out of the box with crossed arms. He looked around confused then yelled at the audience not to look at him because it was embarrassing. He then proceeded to hurry off the stage, covering his face with his arms. 

Atobe was not so shy about being on stage(of course). For his solo, “Kagami no Naka ore” he rose out of the stage, sitting on a piano while Taki played said piano. After the piano part stopped, Taki danced around the piano playing the finger clapper things you hear in Spanish style music. Atobe was busy doing his own seductive dance and singing. Eventually, the piano lowered back into the stage, taking a very betrayed looking Taki with it. 

Hyotei had their talk time at some point and while I don’t remember what they talked about the first day, the second I remember some parts quite distinctly. The first show on the 5th, Atobe looked at everyone and said “Sunday jya nee no?” (the line from his Pair Puri comic) after which everyone cheered. He then explained that it was Jirou’s birthday and we all sang happy birthday to Jirou in English–only to have him falling asleep during it. For the last show, Atobe changed “Sunday” to “Senshuuraku.” During their time, Taki and Shishido got into an argument over who’s a regular in which the audience got involved and yelled “sou da, sou da!” (that’s right, that’s right!) whenever Shishido said “I’m a regular!” which was a throwback to Dream Live 2011. 

Being the 10th anniversary, there were a lot of references to old tenimyus. One that, of course, is close to my heart was rikkai’s song “Sanrenpa ni shikaku nashi.” They wore their school uniforms, but left them unbuttoned, and opened them up to grab their school logo while they sang and at the end they shrugged the blazers off just like they did in Dream Live 5th. When I first watched DL 5th I fell off Trisha’s bed from laughing so hard at that, but this time it nearly made me cry from nostalgia. They also referenced back to when Tezuka flew over the audience singing his song about being reborn, during Dream Live 6th by once again having Tezuka soar over the audience. This time he was in a little basket that lifted up to the level of the last row or so and covered a quarter of the arena before settling back down. They also did this with Sanada and Yukimura during their duet, though they were both reaching out for each other during it. (Sanada flew right over my head for the second show and Yukimura and Tezuka did during the first.) After, Yukimura said his famous line about sorry for troubling Sanada and Sanada answered his normal ‘don’t worry about it’ but then Yukimura crossed his arms and asked Sanada why he had more solos than him and Sanada answered the same thing again with a hint of a smile. Sanada then asked Yukimura why his part of the song had been cut and it was Yukimura’s turn to answer ‘don’t worry about it.’ 

Two parts of this show that I loved were both centered about Sanada(obviously). The first was Sanada’s solo and the new Fuurinkazan. He came out wearing an outfit similar to the one he wore during the Seigaku Farewell Party for “Samurai” and some Rokkaku members came out to fight him dressed as ninjas. I love that outfit though, it looks gorgeous on Ken. The other part that I loved was foreshadowing and something that happened in the manga but had never been in the musicals until now, the Atobe vs Sanada match that took place when Atobe showed up at Rikkai to challenge him. The whole point was Atobe needed someone strong to perfect his technique with and Sanada is his go to for it, just as Atobe is the go to for Sanada to work on his. In the Dream Live, they did this as a very short segment, but it ended with Atobe cackling and saying “It’s complete.” ‘Koori no Sekai’ is complete. This gave me chills, in the good way. It also gave me a lot of OTP feelings. 

As most already know, there were special guests for each show. For the three I went to the guests were as follows: 

  • 4th
    • 5th cast Ryoma (Takahashi Ryuki) 
    • 2nd Nanjirou
  • 5th Afternoon
    • 1st Season Saeki (Ire Kanata) 
    • The “God” of Tenimyu – Ueshima
  • 5th Evening
    • 1st Cast Atobe (Kato Kazuki)
    • Ueshima

All the ones I saw, the guests did a duet with the current cast of their characters as well as a short talk time. Ryuki seemed quite embarrassed to be there, but once he had a racket in his hand he switched into Ryoma mode, it was really amazing. Ire talked about a lot, but Ueshima and the announcer (First cast Katsuo) mentioned how during Dream Live 5 he yelled “Arena!!!” during his solo so they talked about that a bit..then during his duet with new Saeki they both yelled it and during Senshuraku, new Saeki yelled it all on his own. It was really cute. Kazuki’s was longer than the other’s though, of course. He also did a lot of singing and told the story of what happened when he met up with Shirota Yuu again for the musical they’re now in together. (For those of you who don’t know, they’re performing in Musical Romeo and Juliet together. Shirota is playing both Romeo and Tybalt, and Kato Kazuki is playing Tybalt as well. When Shirota is Tybalt  the Romeo is 4th cast Fuji, Furukawa Yuuta.) When they saw each other again, apparently before speaking a word to each other they started singing the first part of Ikkuichi (their duet from Imperial Match Hyotei Winter Version). They sang both of their parts before actually talking to each other. Kazuki also got embarrassed that his voice sounded so young when they played some clips of him as Atobe, so he felt the need to re-sing a line or two of nearly every song he did at some point during the talk. It was wonderful and I’m so glad I got to see him live. It was a big step in the direction of me getting to see all the things I never thought I’d ever see live. 

The part that completed it though was that they did all of the ending songs while i was there…”On My Way,” “FGKS,” AND “Jumping Up, High Touch!” I nearly cried when they did “FGKS.” It reminded me of when I saw my first Tenimyu live and it was very overwhelming. When they did “On My Way” at the next show, I did cry because I had never gotten to experience that one live before and it meant the world to me to be able to. “Jumping up, High Touch” was also a kick right in the feels since that’s associated in my head with the earthquake, my first time living in Japan, and my favorite Seigaku cast (6th cast). During these songs, they came out into the audience to do ‘high touches’ aka high fives. During the first show I got Jackal and during the second show, despite being in the very back row, my dream came true and I got a high five from Sanada (Ken). I may have more held his hand than high fived it but I couldn’t help it…It’s Ken T^T ❤ I also got a high five from Chinen during this show and air fives from Momo and Bane. I unfortunately didn't get any during senshuraku though. 

They also performed the new ending song “We are Always Together.” During the song they say different lines and have the audience repeat it, well they did some of the ones that they did in the PVs and Atobe decided to add his own, which was actually ridiculously difficult but a lot of fun. Instead of saying “Say Ahn” which he normally does, he said “Say oresamanobiginiyouina” which is very very hard to say that fast. It was great though. One of the camera men during Senshuraku got very into it too and was doing a little dance while they sung and was saying all the lines and cheering too. During this song, everyone came out in everyday clothes, the ones they wore for the PVs. During the last verse they dropped balloons onto the audience too which said “Dream Live 2013” on them. Puricoffee was super nice and got me a Seigaku one, but I didn’t get any on my own during my shows. They only fell in the arena. 

When Ryoma came out to do his speech, he started talking about how it was May 5th, which in Japan is Children’s day and added that they like to think of it as their day since “we’re all in junior high, remember?” So congratulations for making half of the audience feel like perverts, Yuuki 🙂 T’was appreciated!

One of the neatest parts of this myu though was the year by year reflection video. They played clips from all the old myus and everyone cheered, sang along, and yelled out the chants for the schools…and of course quite a few cried. 

During senshuraku I managed to not cry until the very end though when they came out for their 3rd encore, and Ken started crying…and badly enough that Renji (Atom) had to help him off the stage…that one did me in. My poor baby…

Well, that’s all I have to say about Dream Live 2013 right now ❤ It was a wonderful experience that I won't ever forget and I'm so happy I got to go ^^ I can't wait for the DVD to come out ❤ 


4 thoughts on “Dream Live 2013

  1. oh wow you saw the myu three times?? Damn you lucky thing -,- 😀

    I laughed a lot reading your, hmm, review? More like a report; anyway, can't wait to see it on DVD tho I'll miss all the wonderful things that changed on every myu. Embarassed Sanada was on the last, recorded one or?? Because i have that feeling this is something I'd love to see the most;) And also Taki feeling betrayed hahaha.
    You've made me curious about creepy!Fuji, must confess I'm not a big fan of the 7th cast's Fuji, but maybe this will make me change my mind about him?

    I need to see all the weird outfits alksdjalksjd come on DVD… especially sexy fan dance being burlesque-ish… there's literally nothing better than fanservice delivered by supposed-to-be middleschoolers 😀

    Damn i should have noted down my thoughts during reading it; but okay generally HUGE THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR STORY it was so enjoyable to read it and once again- YOU LUCKY PERSON YOU.


  2. ^_____________^ It sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you had such a great time (and that you got to touch Ken >>). Mou~ I'm really glad to hear you liked Higa, I wasn't sure about the new cast eve though they're my favorite team T^T Hearing FGKS live must be amazing… I really hope we get to go to hyotei myu this summer >.< Eventually I'll catch you on trillian before I fall asleep and you can fangirl some more with me XD


  3. XD heh I feel really lucky~

    Embarrassed Sanada was the last one XD Yes, and all of the guests and some of the adlibs should be on the dvd since it was all recorded ^^ but we'll see ~ I have it preordered already < .< *cough* The fan dance was truly amazing, I have to admit XD Just in the sheer overwhelming flamboyant-ness… I do like this new Fuji, he's got a very girly voice. It took a show and a half for him to grow on me though ^^ So give it time~ <3


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