Back to Work

Well, it is finally the weekend again! It was hard to get back into things this week, but that’s alright ❤ 

This week had a lot of days that dragged on and on, but then there was today. I had my two smallest schools today, my one with 15 kids and my one with 37. I love both of these schools. 

First up today was the 15 student school. I taught my first class all on my own, the teacher had to go to Kyoto, and it was my first time with that class(It was the 3rd and 4th graders combined). It was only 3 people though, so it went pretty well I think ^^ After class, we had lunch, the whole school together, which was a lot of fun, then it was off to my other school. 

It’s been a lovely overcast and rainy day, which is my favorite weather, by the way, so the drive was just gorgeous today. It’s pretty on a normal day too, but with the clouds and the rain, the greens just stood out brilliantly and the wisterias were stunning. I wish there were more places along that road for me to stop and take pictures really…I may drive out there and explore tomorrow if it’s still rainy. 

Here’s some pics I managed to get today: 

I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world ❤

After I got to the other school I was almost immediately kidnapped by first graders who heard that I was there and decided I was now theirs. It was one of the cutest things. They literally dragged me out of my chair and all over the school and talked my ear off about everything they could think of. Once I finally detached from them I went and taught my two classes, including my 6th grade class where I am the only girl in the room…(even the teacher is a boy). After school, I was once again kidnapped by the 1st graders and dragged all over and climbed on like crazy. At one point I had three of them climbing me like a tree and giggling. Once everyone was on their way home, I sat back at my desk and went back to coloring the 200 something flashcards I need to color and next time I  looked at the clock it was almost 5…I get off work at 4:30. I got all packed up and headed home–only to realize I needed to stop back by the other school again to pay for lunches. 

When I was leaving I found I good opportunity to show how big(or rather, small) my car is. 

My car is the one on the left…the car on the right is a Prius…My car is very tiny, despite looking like a minivan…

Oh and I forgot to mention, on the way to work I had to stop and get gas for the first time since the first day of school and the guy who worked there remembered me and said “Good Morning,” in English and talked about my schools and such with me. I was amazed he remembered everything. It was really awesome and made me super happy. 

When I got home, I was once again reminded of how beautiful my town is by the fog on the mountains and by the wonderful bamboo forest my apartment backs up to. 

It would be nice to have money, of course, but at least I’m pretty darn happy with my life right about now. Even though working with kids everyday, that feel the need to constantly ask me if I’m married, have kids, or want to be, makes me feel old and rather unsuccessful lol. It’s worse when the kids say “Oh that’s how old my mom is!”….*Sigh* Maybe one day…I guess the first step is actually finding a boyfriend….

Anyone know any cute Japanese/Korean boys that speak at least basic English? orz …


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