First Bad Week

Well, it happened. I had my first bad week at work. 

It started on Monday when I had the worst group of kids I could possibly imagine. I think the only way they would have been worse is if they started shanking each other in class. The kids I met outside of class were even worse.  The teachers didn’t help at all either. So needless to say, I will not being going to play with the kids at that school unless absolutely necessary. Not to mention I had a spider on me that day too…It was awful…The teachers kept forgetting I existed too and one of my classes didn’t even show up until there was only 15 minutes left and I didn’t get picked up for lunch until 5 minutes before it ended….That was fun.

Tuesday was slightly better, but not by much, for some reason I was invisible to the teachers all this week though….

On Wednesday, I had my favorite school, but even then, somehow it blew up in my face. The classes went by well, but after school some of the first years decided to drag me all over and talk my ear off. Well they decided to ask me about my parents and ask me if I live alone…then they asked me if I always eat alone….and then they starting saying how lonely it must be and how sad I must be that I have no kids…..Kids are far too smart. Once we managed to get off that topic they told me that their teacher was “of course” already married since he is “already” 26….that was an even better hit to my morale. Then later after some playing, they asked me how I would feel if my family died and started recounting all their experiences with death and telling me how people they know have died and how old they were. One even started crying. 

Let me say it again, these are first graders. They’re 6. 


So, Wednesday ended up being very very depressing. 

Thursday was another day of being forgotten and ignored by teachers and students alike.

Friday was at least better. The only time I cried on Friday was from laughing too hard at some dorky kids who were yelling “I CAN FLYYYYYY” and running around the room carrying each other and flapping their arms. I also got interviewed for the school announcements, so that was thoroughly embarrassing. They play the announcements over the whole school, except in the teachers room, so I thankfully couldn’t hear my own voice, but the interview kept my name a secret until the end (not that the bad Japanese didn’t give it away) and so when it asked “Well, who do you think this is?” I heard the collective scream from the school “ARIANA-SENSEI!!!!” That was pretty amusing, I have to admit. 

I also found out from my coordinator that two of my schools think I’m doing a great job, so that’s good. I don’t agree lol but as long as they think I am then I guess it’s ok. 

I’m glad it’s the weekend and I’m glad my coordinator is back from vacation. Now I just need to wait until I’m getting paid so I can finally get my hair done and stop looking like a yeti in all of this humidity. 

Oh, I also found out that Fukuchiyama wants me to go to unpaid training during summer vacation orz….don’t know if that will be happening, but we’ll see. I may just get bored enough to….(even though it will all be in Japanese)

Ah, right, I almost forgot! 
Yesterday, my phone decided to freak out and kill itself. So I had to spend over 3 hours at docomo trying to get it sorted out. We ended up having to factory reset it and it seems to be working ok, right now, but if anything happens I’m supposed to go back and see the same lady again, since she already knows what’s going on, then they’ll take my phone and send it in and give me a loaner phone while they take 3 weeks to fix it. Super excited about that one. Let’s just hope it doesn’t freak out again. I’m really glad I have insurance on the thing…

Here are some pictures from this week: 

I’ve eaten far too many of these this week, but they’re amazing and I love them ❤ 

Our lovely, every-other-day-storms. We have beautiful skies here. 

Spring has sprung, and there are bugs EVERYWHERE. Thankfully, I like bugs, but I could do without the spiders…(and this jerk who thinks good weather = the perfect excuse to smoke right outside my window…) 

Found a coke with the year I was born on it 🙂 Now I just need to find the year I graduated high school! 

My neighbor, one of the other ALTs, Matt, has taken to making breakfast on Saturday mornings. This picture is from last Saturday, but he made french toast and bacon yesterday and we all hung out together and enjoyed it and talked about our weeks and our kids and such. It was really nice and really helped me get over the stress of this week. After the issues with my phone, I played my very first game of D&D with everyone too. It was actually pretty fun, though I only understand half of what’s going on at any given time and I’m very frustrated because it left on a cliffhanger and I hate those…

Two more weeks until my first payday!! 

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