Catching up~

Yay! First post of June!

A lot has happened this month–yet at the same time, very little….
Well, to start off, not much happened until June 9th. Just work as usual.

On the first, me and the boys (sans Mark) went to a cafe near our apartments called Cafe Momo. It was a really neat little place and the food is really good. I definitely want to go back there sometime.

Also, to celebrate receiving our first paychecks we all went out to Indian food together at Namaste. After, we found the super friendly cat, who we believe is named Chibi, by the parking area again and we spent far too long sitting there petting her.

On the 9th though, I went to Osaka to see Musical Kuroshitsuji. When I got there I met up with Tina and we went to the Pokemon Center.
After that we walked to animate then took the train to Nanba to go to K-Books and meet up with another English teacher, one she had training with. We accidentally were there too long and had to run to make the musical. It was worth it though and I loved the show enough to preorder the DVD. If you’re curious about the cast and such, you can get more details at the official website: here.
I don’t have the energy to do a full write-up, but I will say one thing: Masa in a dress.

After that, we went out to dinner at First Kitchen, then headed home. I decided the extra $10 was not worth waiting for the last train, so I splurged and took the express train home. It was wonderful.

Here is some of the swag from the day: 

On Tuesday, my week got very busy. I arrived at the school where the English teacher there prepares everything and does 90% of the lesson only to find out he was in the hospital and no one cared to tell me beforehand so I could be prepared. I had five minutes to come up with lesson plans for everything and a couple of them definitely flopped. Oh well. Wasn’t the first time!
At the school, and on my table at that, we had these cute little shrimp.
They are apparently a type of brine shrimp that live in rice paddies. I love them!

After school, I drove out toward my far away schools to meet up with one of the teachers for tennis. There was a group of six of us and I was definitely the youngest. They were all really helpful in teaching me though and I think I quite amused them. I think starting next week, I’m going to go play with them every Tuesday.

Also, on Tuesday, a new online Tenimyu shop opened up too, so it was definitely a good day.

Wednesday, the 12th, was my birthday. Unfortunately, my birthday this year was on a workday and it just happened to be a day where I went to my least favorite school.

They, of course, forgot me again and called me by the wrong name and cancelled classes without telling me, but one of the 4th grade classes came and sang to me! They also gave me a big board they all signed and an origami umbrella. It was really sweet.

While I was sitting in the teacher’s room, a 2 inch long bee flew in. It was weird. The whole thing was red! The vice principal saved us!

I was woken up that morning (and by morning I mean at 12am) to a phone call from my mommy, then dad woke me up later that morning and grandma and grandpa as well. For breakfast that day, Matt was really sweet and and made me french toast 😀 I also got to open the package from my mom that day and cards from people. I received a lot of messages on facebook that made me really happy too ^^

Here’s the card I got from the others here and my cake!! Yes, they spelled it “Mariana” on the cake XD but I love it: 

(also, google wouldn’t let me rotate those two pics, sorry!)

After work, I went out to karaoke with Matt and Madi and even Yuka joined us later. It was a lot of fun and Matt even learned a Musical Prince of Tennis song to sing for me. For those that know tenimyu, it was Koori no Sekai! 

It was a lot of fun and I couldn’t have asked for a better time 🙂

Friday, the boys (sans Mark) and I went out to dinner at the Italian place in town. It was a bit more expensive than I was expecting, but it was pretty nice and the food was good, even if the portions were small.

On Saturday, we went to the Hotaru Matsuri (firefly festival). I ended up missing the main event since Matt, Madi, Jason, and I were out exploring  but I saw 6 fireflies! That’s more than I’ve ever seen before! It was really cool, but reminded me a lot of pirates of the caribbean(the ride).

There was a fun bingo game and some really tasty little food stands and even some dancing! I also saw nearly all the foreigners that call this area home. It was a lot more than I was expecting!

Sunday wasn’t too exciting, played D&D with the group like we do every week and had our first battle. My character killed both the bad guys 😀 so go me! I also did laundry and had to start reorganizing the apartment. It’s gotten hotter than satan’s behind here, so I’m having to switch everything into summer mode. My apartment looks like a mess, but hopefully I’ll be done with it soon.

Monday and Tuesday were back to the same old routine, though on Monday, I took the English manga that mom sent me to my favorite school and the kids were so excited. They did their best to read some of it and failed, but it was still fun.

On Tuesday, I finally got a toaster oven though! So I’m pretty excited about that! I also got a small keyboard for my tablet computer, like I’ve been meaning to do forever, so now I can write blog updates at work too instead of waiting until I’m exhausted at home! Yay productivity!

Sometime soon, when Madi and Yuka feel better, we’re going to go to Maizuru so Matt and Madi can get some paperwork taken care of. I am simply going for fun and because then I can go to Maizuru without having to drive there by myself <.<;; It will be my first time seeing that ocean/sea so I'm pretty happy about that 🙂

For now though, I’m just trying not to melt in this horrible heat. At least, it’s raining a lot this week so the temperature is a bit lower, even though the humidity is through the roof. I love the rain!!!!

Sorry this post was so long in coming! There was some issues with the photo uploads and such, but it looks like I finally got it sorted out ❤ 

Also, now that it’s Saturday, Rachel finally landed in Japan! 🙂 She’s way up in the Kanto region, but at least we’re in the same timezone now! 


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