So close to summer, I can smell it….

You know summer is getting close in Japan when you can smell “business man” everywhere you go. Yay for a country that doesn’t have proper deoderant <______<

It is, however, the rainy season and apparently in Fukuchiyama that means it cools down when it rains. This is a glorious thing. Yesterday was even a little cold. It was perfect and made me quite happy.

This also means that the hydrangea are out!

I did finally get to go to Maizuru now that Madi and Yuka are feeling a bit better, but we didn’t get to do much there. We saw the Marine (Navy) base and got to see quite a bit of the town though. It’s a really neat town and I’m definitely going to have to go explore some.

I am almost done with my room reorganization though and it’s starting to actually look somewhat decent again. I still have a few flaws in the design to work out, but hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

I finally used my toaster oven too! I can finally cook pizza!!! *A* Yay for $2.50 pizza from the grocery store!!

The other day, we got our schedule for July and August. We have a week of doing nothing at the Board of Edcuation, but after dealing with crazy/mean/rude/evil children everyday, I think that’s just what I need! The last week of August is the same.

At least 2 of the kids from two different schools have had to go to the hospital in ambulances last week so yeah, I think I need a break…. =_= These kids are psycho. They won’t even tell me what happened to these ones….as much as I could gather from one was that a fight over lizards escalated to violence that left one kid hurt bad enough that they couldn’t move him off the ground despite the rain….


Oh well, nothing I can do about it unfortunately :\


here is a lovely picture of Miwa-cho! Enjoy!


This weekend our coordinator, Yuka, had a BBQ which we all attended. It was a birthday celebration and it was tons of fun.

We got to meet lots of neat people and have running soumen, which is fun AND tasty 🙂

It was wayyyyyyyyy out in the middle of nowhere, but it was a great way to relax.

After the party, we went home then Matt and I went back to Ayabe for a dinner party that ended up being a birthday dinner party for 3 people, Yuka, her little brother, and me 🙂 I was plesantly surprised when my name was even on the cake~

After that we did a bit of karaoke, but it was far too expensive for what it was and definitely not my style, but I’m still glad I went, even if I didn’t feel all that great on Sunday because of it.


One of my beetle larvae has officially become a beetle and when I tried to put food in the cage for him he flew out and flew all over my room. It about gave me a heart attack. He’s a cutie, but apparently he’s got horrible manners just like the other one.

My bugs are jerks, but at least they’re cute. I’m thinking of donating them to one of my schools once the third one emerges then just getting fish or something that won’t try and fly around my room or attack my hand when I try to feed them… <____<

We’ll see how it goes. I might try and win some gold fish at the summer festival.


Update on the new beetle. His name is Houdini now as last night in the middle of he night, he somehow managed to get the roof of his cage off and fly around the room, waking me up in very very unpleasant manner.

I think it is definitely time to find him a new home =_= even if it’s in nature…. Time to take a picture and let him be free or something 😐 As long as he’s far away from my sleeping.

Fish are sounding better and better…..


Well the third beetle has emerged, it is also a boy…….. =_= which would be fine cause he’s super cute…but now he’s fighting with the other one……….. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* Oh well, definitely going to let those two run free. They’re native Japanese species so I don’t feel bad about letting them run free. I’m going to keep Kaburiel though cause that guy is super mellow and really doesn’t care much about trying to do anything but eat jelly. He has developed a system to let me know when he wants more jelly. He pulls the plastic out and stacks it in the corner…’s actually quite impressive…then he moves to the side of the dish and waits for me to put more in then goes back to eating………..he sleeps with his face in that jelly…It’s actually quite amusing….


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