A bit of rest~

As I mentioned in previous entries, Dad came to Japan last month for a visit. He was here from the 19th through the 29th and I took some time off work to travel around with him.

We went all over the place. 

We took a drive over to Miyazu and Ine to go on a boat and to see Amanohashidate and I also introduced him to my favorite school. They made something really incredible for him; a photobook that they made of my time there. There were even pictures of my first lesson. It was really incredible and made me super happy too. They are really great out there ❤ 

We also went and spent a day in Kyoto. We didn’t end up going many places, but we did go to Kinkaku-ji (The Golden Pavillion) and Nijo Castle. I hadn’t been to those places since right after the Earthquake so it was kind of neat to go again even though there were a lot more people this time. 

On Monday, we took the train up to Tokyo and wandered around Odaiba for a bit. Our hotel was really nice and had a view of Tokyo Port and Haneda Airport. It was also pretty close to Odaiba and a really short trip to Disneyland. The building it was in so there was lots of places to eat in there and it was a nice place to come back to. 

On Tuesday, we went to Tokyo Disney Sea and spent the day there. We stayed all the way through Fantasmic even. 

The next day, we went to Disneyland. We didn’t end up staying all day though since we were exhausted. 

The last day, we went to the museum of future technology and innovation, Miraikan. It was neat and there was an elementary school group there so that was kind of neat. After we finished, we hopped on the train and headed back to Fukuchiyama. We got back around 6pm. The next day I had work so dad was left to his own devices. 

On Saturday, I woke up super late for some reason, but after we wandered around and went to the Oni(Demon) Exchange Museum up in the mountains. It was really neat and they had demon masks, sculptures, and drawings from all over the world. 

That Sunday though, Dad headed out and went to Hong Kong. 

I’m really glad he got to come and I’m looking forward to my short trip back to the states in December. 

For now, it’s back to work as usual. 

Things I’m looking forward to this month: 

  • Watching Musical Kuroshitsuji with Ikeda-sensei(from my favorite school)
  • Release of Pokemon X & Y on the 12th
  • Halloween funtimes at my favorite school
  • Nakagauchi Masataka Accoustic live on the 25th (Though I’m going to have to race out of school early that day….) 
  • Musical Romeo & Juliet on the 27th
  • Being back to a regular paycheck…
And have a picture of one of Madi’s hamsters…just cause…


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