Happy New Year!!

The first new post of 2014, hm? 

Well, I suppose I should recap what happened at the end of 2013 first…

By the end of the 2nd term, I, like all the other AETs, was exhausted and ready to be done. I was supposed to do a lot of things before I went back to America and well…I got pretty much none of them done. 

I also got very ill the day before I left from stress and lack of sleep. It was a fun week! 

I managed to get to Narita Airport on Saturday the 21st alright though, so that was good. I had to leave very early and take the train to Kyoto then take the shinkansen(bullet train) to Tokyo Station. At Tokyo, I transferred to the Narita Express, which took me to my terminal. 

Last view of Fukuchiyama for the year!

On the way to Kyoto.

The great view of Mt. Fuji from the Shinkansen.

There were all sorts of issues with my suitcases, that I was only taking back to the states to return, but all in all, it wasn’t a bad experience.

On the way home, since my father is so nice and loving, I even got to fly business class! 

To help explain my crazy trip, here is my schedule for vacation: 

12/21 Tokyo —> San Francisco 12/21
12/22 San Francisco —> Seattle
12/24 Seattle —> Dallas
12/27 Dallas —> Seattle
12/30 Seattle —> Tokyo 12/31

Then I spent the 1st and 2nd in Shin-Osaka in order to watch Musical Prince of Tennis: Seigaku vs. Shitenhouji, but more on that later. 

For now, here’s some pictures of the first sunrise of the year and the abandoned streets of Shin-Osaka from the early morning when I went out to do my shrine visit and such. 

In San Francisco, Mom and I hung out and did some luggage shopping, then went to the Melting Pot. I love that place ❤ 

For Christmas, it was supposed to be just me and Grandma and Grandpa, but we had some surprise visitors, not only my mom, but also, my aunt, uncle, and two cousins. It made for a very busy couple days, but it was fun. It was my first time meeting my aunt and cousins. We have very different political views and views on life and such, but it was interesting to meet them and get to learn about them. 

The two prime ribs they brought down with them…

Yes, we also deep fried a turkey.

After I got back to Seattle, Dad and I picked up Rachel and we all ended up just hanging out at Dad’s place(also known as my place ;D ) until it was time for me to head back. 

Mt. Rainier looking lovely.

Me, also looking lovely.

While I was gone, I missed the first big snow in Fukuchiyama, but I was definitely here for the second which happened the second day after work had started up again.

My Kasamatsu plushie is not amused…

By mid-day, most of it had melted though….

It’s been hard to get into the swing of work again, but my new laptop that has a battery that lasts all day, is really helping! 🙂 It’s got a problem of not always waking up properly from sleep, but it works a lot better than my old laptop did! And it’s super pretty too 🙂 

In fishy news, while I was gone, the puffer fish and my sick little goldfish died, but their tanks have not gone to waste. 

I got a new betta when I got back like I was planning. He’s an aggressive little booger and keeps attacking my hand if it gets too close to the water and even eats his food aggressively. I love him! His name is Akutsu. it was Ryoma, but he got even more grumpy since then so he’s been upgraded. 

With the two newly emptied tanks, I also got two more betta. I may have a bit of an addiction to them. I got one that I found at Konan for cheap. He’s got a lovely metallic shine to him, but he’s still nameless. 

I also got a betta that has been at the pet store since before we moved here. He’s very pretty and I’ve liked him ever since I first saw him. He’s older and has a permanent grumpy face and is blind in one eye, so no one wanted him. His price didn’t exactly help either, but they lowered the price for me 🙂 hee hee~ I’ve named him Gen-chan. 

He’s been stared at for so long that he hides now most of the time, poor guy, and he’s been shoved in one of those little tanks for so long too that he can’t swim for very long without getting really tired. I had to put one of the tubes in the tanks, but sideways so he has somewhere else to rest. He also flops down on the rocks, the plant, and the filter to rest. He’s recently started hiding in his little canon. I thought it was going to be too small, but he seems to really like it. He peeks out the holes to watch me when I go by. 

I’m also currently hamster sitting for Madi, so my apartment looks like a zoo, but it’s kind of fun! 🙂 

In Japanese McDonald’s news, they’re currently doing a “American Diner” promotion and they also got in these nifty new bite sized treats that are hashbrown and cheese. I’m also a big fan of the “classic fries” even though they don’t look all that appetizing. 

Those of you wanting to read about Tenimyu and nerd things, please continue. Those who don’t, I’ll see you in the next entry! Thanks for reading 🙂




Alright, are all the normal people gone? 

Good >D 

On to the nerdy stuff!!

So, first, let me say that Japan is a great place to be on New Years. They have these lovely things called “fukubukuro” on New Years day that are basically grab bags with tons of stuff in them that came out during the year. The ones at Animate were only 1,000yen (about $10) and I got two of them. This is just the stuff I kept from those two bags: 

That cushion in the top right corner, by itself, is as much as I paid for the two bags. You of course, end up getting things you don’t want in these bags as well, but this is why Japan has used stores like K-Books. 

The K-books in Nanba, where I went shopping, was packed like always, and some of the stuff I wanted to sell I had to take up to the 4th floor. This was new for me, I’d never been to the 4th floor before. After I got up there, I realized why. I was the only 3D woman on that floor. 

I got given a number and stood in line, but where they put me was in the middle of the tentacle porn section. I didn’t particularly mind that part though, it was hilarious to watch how uncomfortable the nerd boys got when they walked into the aisle and saw me. >] It did, however, smell worse than con-funk, sooooo I was not enjoying my wait. After nearly half an hour had passed and they hadn’t called a new number I started to realize it was going to be forever and I didn’t have that kind of time to wait to sell the stupid stuff I got…soooo I did the next best thing. I poked the guy in front of me and said “I don’t have time for this so….Happy New Year. Here’s a present.” Then left. 

He and his friend had the most confused looks on their faces and that was far better than the 3 bucks I would have probably gotten paid for everything. 

After that, I hopped back on the Midosuji Line and went back to Shin-Osaka to go get some errands done before Tenimyu. I ended up with tickets to 3 shows. One on the 1st and two on the 2nd. 

This time it was vs. Shitenhouji. While Shiten has never been my favorite team, getting to root for the hometown was pretty cool, I have to admit. I also greatly enjoyed getting to see Osamu, who was new to this season of musicals. 

The show was a blast and very very funny. Even when they didn’t intend it to be. Seigaku’s main song was “Let’s get it on together” and well…..I had to fight very hard not to laugh. It didn’t quite convey the serious emotions they were going for at that point, but I really enjoyed it. 

Shiten also got a new song called “Osaka Mambo.” It’s very catchy. 

Koharu and Yuuji were great and not at all creepy like the first two casts tended to be. They also got a new song which I like a lot more than the first song…..Ah, and their costumes got a lovely um……flamboyant upgrade for their entrance. Yuuji wore a banner that said, “Gay Love” on it and their song also dropped any ounce of subtlety that was left. It started off by them singing “Gayyyyyyyyy Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” and I proceeded to break down into tears from laughing so hard. No one else quite understood though so they thought I was crazy. This did not bother me one bit, especially not when they got to the “GayGayGay GayGay!” part of the song. 

As always with second season, it was neat to get to hear the old songs sung by people who can sing. They even sang “Oretachi no aikotoba” which is pretty emotional for those of us that have been around for a while. If you don’t remember, it was used as a graduation song for 4th cast Seigaku even though it originally appeared in Shitenmyu. 4th cast started it and it was taken over by 5th cast midway through the song at Dream Live 6th. 

As for the adlibs, most were done by Osamu which made them quite fun. Since it was so close to new years, he had us all get up and do our first shrine visit…in the theater…to his giant kokeshi doll….which at one point he taped a piece of paper to so it said “Osamu” on it. 

During We Are Always Together I got to see quite a few people, Akutsu got rather confused by me then chuckled and waved. For those of you who don’t know, I went to see vs St. Rudolph/Yamabuki about 7 times since it was right after the big earthquake and that whole cast got very used to seeing me…..I’m even in the dvd briefly for that one…..I also got recognized by Tezuka this time around because we high fived at the talk even in December. He grinned and gave me a lovely goofy wave with both hands. I love that guy. 

All in all it was a great show and I’m glad I got to go three times. I definitely recommend it, though I’m quite sad that it’s running until March, so the DVD won’t be out for a looooooooong time. 

Next up in the Tenimyu world is the next undoukai(sports festival). It will be taking play on April 26th in Tokyo, so I may have to make a trip up to Tokyo if I’m not completely broke from car bills. 

As for now, there’s not any nerdy events planned until that, but I guess we’ll see! Oh! With the exception of the Tenimyu PV DVD 2 coming out this weekend. Can’t wait! 🙂


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