Busy 2 Months With No End in Sight

Despite my hopes (and dreams), January ended up being a very busy month and February and March are going to be just as busy, if not more so. Here’s a bit of what’s been going on. Some I can’t talk about yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to update on it soon. 

For now, have an update via pictures of the little stuff that’s been going out. 
Getting to do some science with my favorite school. We made electromagnets with batteries and magnets that made the little wire circle spin. 

One Saturday, we had to go into one of the school’s to go to some English event. They gave us these hagaki(Japanese sugar snacks). They are addicting and a lot like those things you put onto of cakes that are made all out of sugar. It’s probably good that I don’t know a store that sells these….

Finally went to the bowling alley in town too. It’s huuuuge and I suck at bowling even more than I remember apparently. Okada-sensei and Ikeda-sensei kicked my butt. Though, of course, at the time they were named “Elizabeth” and “Jennifer” and I was “Genichirou”………. 

I recently had to cave and buy a humidifier due to the ridiculously dry air killing both my skin and my sleeping. I got the cutest humidifier known to man though! Stupid Japan is too humid in summer and too dry in winter. It’s an evil country….

I somehow had really good timing for this picture….

There used to be a fence and a wall all around this field but they started ripping it all down. I’m not sure what they’re going to do with it yet. 

On the 1st of February, I went out with Ikeda-sensei and Okada-sensei again and went first to a nice soba restaurant in Ayabe, then to Miyazu for cake, then back to Fukuchiyama for fish shopping and yakiniku. It was a super fun relaxing day! 

A story I wrote yesterday while the kids worked on their own stories. It’s about an old man who plants a tree and when the tree grows big, he tries to take it’s apple. The tree is not happy about it and slaps him 3 times. The old man gives up and just watches the tree. In the tree, a bird asks if she can have the apple and the tree says yes. The moral is to always ask before taking something that doesn’t belong to you 🙂

Today’s snow storm. For some reason, the pictures I took of my car covered in snow didn’t save, so this is all you get for now. Let’s hope my car can make it home in this! (I live up a really big hill and my car is um…less than good.)

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