One day at a time…


Somehow, it’s March already!

Winter still has no end in sight(which doesn’t bother me one bit), but my job does! I couldn’t talk about it before, but now that I have officially been given notice, I can say that after March 20th, I won’t be working with my company anymore or in Fukuchiyama anymore. I’m actually really sad about moving, but not sad about having a new company.

At the end of this month, I’ll be moving to Kasai city. It’s in Hyogo prefecture and is even smaller than where I am now. It’s very close to Himeji though, which is where Madi will be moving, so I won’t be completely alone!

Everything this year has been stressful, frustrating, and exhausting, but hopefully it will all settle down after this month. I have been sick for about a month now, with a really bad sinus infection. It’s finally starting to go away though so hopefully I’ll be back to my optimistic energetic self soon.

Today, my goals are to figure out Japanese taxes, which I have to file since I worked two jobs this last year, and to pay for Tenimyu Undoukai(sports festival) tickets, if I won them in the lottery. I am not looking forward to the taxes, but they have to be done unfortunately.

Since the last update, I have passed the written part of the Japanese Driver’s License test, with 100%, and on the 17th I’m planning to take the pracitcal test.

I’ve also had to recycle my cute little falling apart car and now have a rental car. Buying a car was just too expensive right now, though that may end up being what I do after I move since I may actually need a car there, not for work, but just for daily life. It looks like it’s going to be harder to get around than I initially thought. It’s also not terribly convinient to use the trains from that town so we’ll see. I guess it depends where I get an apartment. I’m going to go search for one on Saturday with my new boss.

I’ll hopefully do a more uplifting and picture filled update later after I’m not on a slew of sinus infection medication…

For now, please enjoy this picture of sushi shaped chocolate: 


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