Update via pictures from the last month~

Snowwwwwwww!!! It took forever to start up, but it’s March now and it’s still snowing weekly.

Bowling shoes. They’re actually cute and comfortable, apparently it IS possible! These pictures are from the bowling tournament my favorite school had one day after work.

I may have lost at bowling, but I did get these nifty chocolates as a prize still! They’re made to look like a box of sushi. 

The very tiny tracks and train out to Kasai, where I’ll be moving later this month.

This school used to have very beautiful cherry blossom trees, I can’t remember if I posted pictures of them at the beginning of last year, but they cut them all down. You can see how big they were by the ones next to the gym down there. 

They cut down the ones by the gym too…

I have started spending far too much time(and money) on this game at the arcade where you pop balloons with a giant needle and pachinko balls inside the balloons decide if you win anything. I actually do pretty well with it. All in all I’ve won uh….8 things from it now, I believe. 

Madi and I finally tried Baby Face Planet’s. (Yes, the apostrophe is part of the name) It’s a really neat restaurant and they have some awesome desserts!

I’ve also recently started building models for some reason…not really sure why. Perhaps as a way to avoid stress. Either way, it’s been a lot of fun! This is Himeji Castle.


Osaka Castle

The other day was a holiday too so we received cake with our school lunch! I ended up eating 4 of these via some miracle(and due to most of the kids having the flu).

More snow.

I found a place named “Fuurinkazan” in Himeji….I need to go…

Well, that’s all for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to update again when I get moved into my new place week after next. Who knows though, I may get free time later this week and do another short update 🙂 

Either way, see you soon!

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