Catching Up & The New Blog Site

Hello everyone! I don’t know if you even remember me anymore, but I’m finally back after a 4 month hiatus! Life has been incredibly hectic and settling into my new location and new job has been very stressful and frustrating, but I’ve pretty much gotten into the rhythm of things now.

That doesn’t mean anything has slowed down though! It just means I’m more used to it now and don’t feel like it’s going to chew me up and spit me out.

That said, welcome to the new blog! It’s a big improvement on the last one and will hopefully be a lot easier for people to keep track of. It also looks much nicer and will show off my pictures much better than the other one did and since I plan on working on improving my photography and getting a nice camera, that’s an important thing.

Alright, first thing’s first, let’s get caught up on what has happened since the last post…


Miyu giving me homemade flowers on my birthday.


For Golden Week, my mother came to Japan for the first time! We traveled a lot and stayed super busy, but it was a lot of fun!

I also went up to Tokyo for the Tenimyu Undoukai(Sport Festival). I had great seats and I ended up in the DVD a lot! For the first show I was in row 3 and for the second show I was in row 2!!


Jill and I.


I turned 27! Go me! My friends gave me a great birthday weekend in Himeji. I am so grateful for them and I know I couldn’t have survived here this long without them ❤ My work people also gave me a great birthday celebration and even made me a cake.


Madi got a rabbit. He’s adorable and his name is Mugi. He’s basically a small dog now.


Mostly, I spent a lot of hours at work….



Had 2 weeks off for summer vacation which happened to perfectly coincide with my oldest friend’s wedding! Congratulations to her and her husband and her two new step daughters. You make an adorable family and I hope your future is filled with joy!

The rest of the vacation was spent visiting with my mom, dad, and grandparents, oh, and flying. I got to try first class for the first time too! Now that was all kinds of fancy! I think I’ve been spoiled for life though….

Also, typhoon season has started early! Woohoo! This would be even better if I didn’t have to ride my bicycle to work….

And now! 


Weekend before last was the Kasai City Saisai Festival. It was conveniently located across the street from my apartment so I wore my new yukata for the occasion. I won three goldfish but two have already died.


Last weekend we had a large typhoon, by the name of Halong, come through. We got a bit of a break from the heat, but it kept me inside for the weekend.


Today, I went to Himeji in order to see a movie with Madi and Madoka. We saw Rurouni Kenshin. It was very good, but it left off on a cliff hanger so I have to go see the continuation that comes out in a month. After that, though, I somehow ended up in Osaka even though I have to go back tomorrow for Tenimyu…Oh well…It was fun at least!


Now is the start of the Obon holiday. Obon is a time when people in Japan return to their hometowns and pay honor to those that have passed on.

Since I don’t have a reason or place to do that, I’ll be spending a couple days in Osaka watching Tenimyu. Right now is Seigaku vs. Rikkai. It’s an emotional roller coaster and I love it…even if it is 3 hours and 40 minutes long…

I’m also hoping to go explore Tennouji and to visit the statue for Sanada Yukimura: “Japan’s #1 Samurai.”

There’s a lot of other things planned for this month, but my goal is to update this pretty regularly. I want to do at least a short post once a week. I’m not sure how that will go yet, but we’ll see. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get to multiple posts a week (or day if I’m feeling chatty)!!






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