2014: A Summary

Hello everyone! It’s been a while. ^_^

I wrote out a large post catching up everyone on what’s been going on since my last post, but wordpress and my computer joined together to destroy it. Soooo I’m just going to do a summary instead before the year ends in about half an hour.

During the 3 months I haven’t been able to post, I finally got over that nasty cough I had, but I also did a lot of other things. Here’s a quick rundown of what happened each month(it is, by no means, comprehensive).

Some things, I don’t know what month it happened in off the top of my head but here’s a quick list:

  • Marui Bunta Live Concert
  • Ruroni Kenshin Live Action Movies
  • Typhoons, so many typhoons….
  • Lunar Eclipse
  • Kuroshitsuji Musical Live Viewing
  • Pumpkin flavored ice cream!!!


I got a guitar and went back to Fukuchiyama to go visit one of my old schools. It was great to see the cute kiddos again, though it made me miss the town a lot.

I also got Tomodachi Life, a 3DS game, that I’m apparently very good at. I apparently do really good with giving people’s miis personalities. It’s a weird talent, but I’m not gonna complain.


My Dad came to spend a couple weeks with me and even joined some of my classes! We traveled to Kyoto to see the Sagano Bamboo Forest and all the way to Hiroshima! It was a wonderful place, but it was really hard to be there as an American.

Halloween was a lot of fun though. My boss went all out and decorated the school and we had Halloween activities for a whole week! 🙂


November was pretty much dedicated to Tenimyu. It was the last musical of second season so it was a pretty tough time for me. I traveled to Kobe then to Saitama to go see it. Dream Live 2014 was wonderful but I cried a lot. Second Season helped me through a lot of hard times and it’s hard to see it end, but at least I’ll always have the DVDs I guess.


This month has gone by in a whirlwind. My friends came up from Australia to spend the holidays here and things have been nothing but busy ever since! Guess that happens when there’s three people in your house.

I got a chance to go see Altar Boyz again so that was a great time. It’s been a long time, and I didn’t fall down the stairs this time!! Woohoo!

I took a trip to Tokyo to go to Jump Festa and J-World and Disneyland~ It was a lot of fun, but soooo much walking.

Christmas was spent at Disneyland and New Year’s Eve is being spent at home, under the kotatsu, eating mikans (mandarin oranges) and watching the yearly music competition (Kouhaku Uta Gessen). Not a bad way to send out the year really!

For those who don’t know, this competition is between the Red Team(Girls) and the White Team(Boys). I’m cheering for the boys since I like their bands more, but all of the performances are amazing! The next blog post will say who wins, ok? 😉


I’ll see you in 2015!

(Ps. Sorry there’s no photos this time, I’ll do a big photo post next year too to make up for it.)


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