Happy 2015!

So, posting more often did not go as planned, due to work and the sudden changes occuring there. My boss is leaving our company which makes my school a two teacher project. It means life will be hectic as we try to manage our current classload without one teacher. At least it means lots of overtime pay!

Life has been crazy and frustrating, but I caved and bought myself a stress relieving companion!

Meet Genmai!


He is named after puffed brown rice tea. We just call him Gen normally. He’s a 2 month old Holland Lop. He’s also a little brat, but I love him 🙂


He’s getting so big so fast.

Hopefully, these next couple months of work don’t drive me insane, but at least it should go by pretty fast. I have someone coming to visit in March and a show to go see too, so I won’t have much time to rest, but, I will hopefully make it through. I’m going to go see Monty Python’s Spamalot in Japanese. Should be interesting!

Either way, I’ll try to keep you all updated.

I’m in the process of buying a car too to try and improve my quality of life a bit (and it’s necessary for work with my boss leaving.) Right now we’re in the middle of all of the crazy paperwork. In Japan, you have to be able to prove that you have somewhere to park before you can buy a car then you have to have the police sign off on it. It’s annoying, but oh well. I should have it all done in a week or so.

Japan is not good for my instant gratification need….

Here, enjoy this picture of “Peach Mozzarella” Ritz. I couldn’t make it past the smell, but my coworker and student said they’re pretty good.


Also, McDonalds is in Hawaiian mode right now. Which is bad news for me, who happens to be allergic to pineapple. However, they have a bbq pork burger that is pretty darn good.


Also, I found something I haven’t seen in Japan before, Cheetos! They taste just as bad here, at least the regular does, but still kinda nice to have something old and familiar like it occasionally.


The other flavor is Kyushu Soy Sauce flavor.

Oh and before I forget, let me talk about a phenomemnon called ‘kabedon’. It is a combination of the word for wall and the sound of something being hit. It has become quite popular. It is trapping someone against a wall, or at least kind of pushing them up against it. Before Valentine’s Day, I was shopping with a friend and ran across a kabedon event. It was very interesting! Apparently, it was only in the Kansai region too. We’re the strange ones down here I guess. Sorry the picture is kind of blurry.


Well, hopefully, I’ll be able to get back to you all soon with some more Japan adventures! Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment! Comments are great motivation for me to write more!


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