I’m back! (1 of 2) Summary of 2016

I’m back! For good this time! I’ve got someone assigned to making sure I post more so hopefully we won’t have any problems like before. I originally stopped posting because I’ve been dealing with my depression rather poorly the past year or two and I didn’t want to write anything negative or to show that I wasn’t in a good mindset. However, I’ve realized that writing about it and focusing more on the good things that happen would probably help me a lot, so here I am!

I’m sorry for taking such a long break and I hope that you all can forgive me and enjoy the blog from now on.

Here is a tale of 2016 in pictures. If you’re curious about any of them, feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to elaborate.

Some basic things that happened that are featured below:

  • Dislocated my knee in January
  • Finally got to see D’mitri in person after 5 bajillion years of being friends online. Then he left me to return to a country that’s probably not real far far away.
  • Went to Kyoto with Kate to see Tenimyu
  • Finished physical therapy so bought myself a cake.
  • Sekku-Matsuri in Spring
  • Trip to Hawaii in May with my family.
  • A little train adventure and the release of Pokemon Go
  • Visited Himeji Castle and saw Shin-Godzilla
  • Went to Nagoya and Tokyo with Sean and had a great adventure with him during his trip 🙂
  • Finally visited our world record Globe Clock that sits and keeps watch over the town
  • Got a stray kitten that was found in a car engine in August.
  • Went to Tokyo again to go see Tenipuri Festa 2016 with Jill
  • Then last but not least, by any means, made a trip to Shimane Prefecture with my manager and friends to go to Izumo Taisha Shrine and Adachi Art Museum.

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