The Battle of the Giants

Somehow I have gotten two giant cellphone companies to fight for my business.

My current provider, NTT Docomo, is coming to the fight strong with threats of large fees while SoftBank is  coming to the battle with promises of cash back deals. I spent most of today dealing with them and they have officially given me a royal headache. I’m fairly certain there are numbers falling out of my ears, but I hope that in the next few weeks I’ll have a new cellphone company that doesn’t charge me ridiculous amounts a month like Docomo does.

The main battle currently is that SoftBank really wants me to use their new internet and to switch this month, but my contract with Docomo ends next month, so switching this month incurs extra annoying fees. SoftBank keeps raising the amount of cash back they want to give me to pay for said fees though.

In all honesty, I’ll probably just wait until next month and switch after the Docomo fees are a non-issue, but if SoftBank steps it up and offers to pay all of said fees so that I’ll use their weird new internet, who am I to argue?

If/When I switch I’ll be getting the iPhone 7 plus. I currently have the 6s plus so it won’t be too much of a change, but I am pretty excited about the camera on the 7. It would make blogging even more fun, that’s for sure~!

Oh and I almost forgot, a major bonus of SoftBank is that it’s free to use data on the Sprint network when you travel to the US which means I would have internet whenever I visit my parents/grandparents. That is a HUGE benefit, especially when I’m stuck in the airports that insist on charging ridiculous amounts for WiFi.

Anyway, it’s getting late here. It’s almost midnight already and I have a kindergarten class to teach in the morning so I should get to tending to the zoo and sleeping.

Good-night/day everyone and I hope you enjoy this picture of my cat’s large bum.



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