It’s a dark and stormy day, I love it!

Hello everyone!

How are you doing today?

Things are actually going rather well here. Since the last post I’ve had a busy time, but it’s been good.

In my last post I talked about the battle of the smartphone companies. Unfortunately, that battle did not turn out the greatest for me since after deciding on SoftBank I was denied a new contract because my visa is up for renewal next year. It was very frustrating, but I decided to go ahead and get the new iPhone anyway, but with Docomo. Now, at least, my phone contract and my plan contract end at the same time so that whenever I decide to cancel service, I don’t have to pay a big fee. So far, I’m loving the new phone. The camera on it is really great and I like the changes to the home button. I got a cheap case and screen film for now, but I decorated the case myself so at least it’s not so boring.


On the 18th, I took my new phone to the Hyogo Prefectural Flower Center to try it out and to see andRE in concert again. I always love their concerts. They have such relaxing wonderful voices and it always feels like the rest of the world melts away when they sing. They’re still relatively unknown so I usually get to talk to them after their shows and such and it’s so much fun. They’re both really wonderful and their fans are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They’ve been very welcoming to me every time I’ve come across them.

If you’re interested in checking them out here’s there youtube: andRE and my favorite song by them: 「結姫」

In between their concerts, I wandered around the flower center and enjoyed all the flowers in bloom in the green houses. Outside not much is blooming besides the plum blossoms.

For the most part it was a lovely trip to the flower center, though there was one rather….odd…part. While I was walking I smelled smoke and I thought it was someone barbecuing…that was until I heard what sounded like fireworks and explosions. I was on the other side of the lake, but when I looked over toward the main greenhouses there was a huge column of black smoke raising into the sky that no one else seemed concerned about. I decided to walk back toward the area to find out what was happening when they did an announcement that basically equated to, “Uh…yeah don’t worry ’bout that smoke, it’s nothing….” As soon as the announcement was over, 3 firetrucks rolled up. Needless to say, I didn’t quite believe them. So I did some investigating. It turns out the fire was back in the green houses where they start all of their plants and such. From what I can figure it seems it was some fertilizer that ignited when they were mixing it. It didn’t seem like it did any structural damage or anything, but it definitely made for an interesting trip.

The next couple days were spent relaxing, cleaning, and spending some time with Madi. All of which were desperately needed. I had my first experience with a chiropractor too. It was very strange to be able to sit up straight without my back hurting for once. I was meant to go back yesterday, but I opted for a long massage instead at a place nearby. It was expensive, but worth every yen. I haven’t had a massage since before I dislocated my knee last year, so I’ve been all sorts of sore and stiff.

Before I went for my massage yesterday, I attended one-of-the-kindergartens-I-teach-at’s graduation ceremony. I got all dressed up in a nice dress and heels and even had to say a few words to them during the ceremony. It was really wonderful to see them off. I hope they become great 1st graders next month.


As for today, I can hear my upstairs neighbors moving out, which is quite a shame, but I’m happy for them. They are veterinarians that run a clinic on the outskirts of town and their new house and clinic is completed now so they’re moving out of the apartment. I’ve really enjoyed having them as neighbors, but I know they’ve been wanting their own place for quite a while. I wish them the best of luck.

I hope in the future to have a house to call my own in either Hawaii or Washington with all my pets and someone. For now though, me and the beasts will keep on fighting here.


I hope you guys enjoyed and as always if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them and I’ll get back to you! Thank you for reading and have a great day!


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