June has come~

Finally, the madness has settled a bit and June is here.

For those that don’t know, June is my birthday month and this year I hit the big three-O.
While most people tend to panic and fret, I just excited.

Since the last post I’ve done all of these things that I listed before:

  • 4/15 – Inuyasha Stage Live Viewing
  • 4/16 – Sakamoto Shogo Concert
  • 4/23 – Tenimyu Hyotei Live
  • 4/28-5/5 – Hawaii
  • 5/7 – Haikyuu Hyper Production Live Viewing

And I also went to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) for the first time finally! As a birthday present I got the year pass for the park so I’ll be able to go whenever I want now 🙂

Most recently, on Thursday as a matter of fact, I went to spontaneous massage time between classes with my manager. It was awesome.

I suppose I should tackle things one at a time though:

4/15- The Inuyasha live viewing was fun and soooo nostalgic. They did a lot of projection mapping to accomplish some of the effect but they also had some great costuming. I had a great time. Kate ended up going with me, though we had to sit separately, it was nice to have the company.

4/16- The Sakamoto Shogo concert was wonderful too and I had a good spot. He was on point as usually and even sang his new songs from the CD that just came out this week. I had to run out a bit early though to catch the train/bus home since the concert didn’t start until about 7pm. (I can’t remember which…)

4/23- The Hyotei Live was amazingggggg! I laughed so hard and it was non-stop greatness. There was no time to even really think about other things and in the blink of an eye it was over. I went to this with Kate too :3 I’m going to miss my Tenimyu buddy when she moves this year 😦

4/28-5/4  was my Hawaii trip with my mom and dad. It was wonderful, though my parents somehow broke Hawaii’s thermostat and it was freezing until we got over onto the big island. We attended this year’s Spam Jam among all of the traveling around. The whole trip was really refreshing and reinvigorating even though it was short and busy.

5/7 I went to see the Haikyuu live viewing. It was alright, but I definitely liked the one before it better. It was a looooot longer than I expected and by the time it was over I just wanted to go home. I did not enjoy the pacing of it at all. It had its moments still, but I don’t really have a desire to watch it again.

5/12 I went to USJ for the first time!

I had a great time! I went by myself but it was a Friday after I finished work so there was almost no people there. It probably helped that it was so cloudy too. I tried the flying dinosaur rollercoaster which was crazy intense. While I found my arch nemesis, Backdraft, I didn’t try it this time. I’m determined to face it when I go on the 15th though. I originally wasn’t very excited about the Harry Potter land but once I walked through the gates, it was like young HP-fangirl me jumped out and I ended up getting super excited and getting a Slytherin jacket. After I got back home I rented all of the harry potter movies and had a bit of a marathon. All the nostalgia.

Since then, not much has happened aside from work really. That’s alright though. I don’t mind one bit. Slow and steady is just fine with me.

For now, it is time to say good-bye though. I hope you all enjoyed and that you’re having a wonderful day!

See you in the next post!


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